Disney World Transportation – Orlando Florida

Disney World Transportation – Orlando Florida

Getting yourself and your family to the magical world of Disney at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida requires more than a little real-world hassle. Getting everything packed and ready, remembering the things you forgot too late, lugging it all to the airport where the usual chaos ensues (long lines, endless security checks, rushing crowds, layovers and just about every unforeseeable inconvenience imaginable), usually spells arriving in Orlando haggard, disheveled and ready to collapse.

Or perhaps you have just spent a long day enjoying magical castles, thrilling rides, and meeting your favorite Disney characters with the downside of endless lines and shouting crowds of kids, and even the thought of standing in line to get on a bus or waiting around for a cramped taxi makes your legs feel weak and your head ache.

That’s where we come in. When tired, Disney-crazed kids have you at the end of your rope and you just want to be at your hotel already, Backstage Limousines appears like an enchanted coach made from a pumpkin, ready to carry you and your eternally magic-hungry companions to your destination within the land of dreams come true.

The Magic of Luxury Transportation

Backstage Limousine is the leading Disney World limo service in Orlando. We’re prompt, professional, and always ready to provide you with luxury transportation to and from Disney World for you and your family.

Our various attractive “magic coaches,” friendly “footmen” or chauffeurs, and prompt arrival at Orlando International Airport or at the magical world of Disney itself to bring you to your hotel precisely when you most need us to be there will make you feel like you have stepped into your very own fairy tale, one in which your wish is our command.

You and your family and friends can choose from “coaches” that range from bright pink Hummer limos to fashionable town cars to luxury vans built to hold 10-14. Choose your Disney World transportation today to make your Orlando adventure as magical as it can possibly be.

Give Us a Call Today

Making a reservation with us is as easy as waving a magic wand. Reserve online or give our friendly office staff a call at 321-945-3506. We’re confident our Disney limo services are exactly what you need to get your trip off to a spectacular start. Call today.

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